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Open Letter to Lifetime Members:  An Invitation to Make an Annual Donation

Beginning in 1998, to generate seed revenue to fund its incorporation and obtain insurance, FCC began offering Lifetime memberships at $250 (for two-parent families and $200 for single-parent families).  FCC-SoCal continued to offer Lifetime memberships until 2006.

During those early years, the FCC leadership and other dedicated families took a leap of faith in the new entity, with hopes but no assurances about the future of the China adoption program, in general, and their chapter, in particular.  Over a decade later, FCC-SoCal is still going strong and we are pleased that many of our Lifetime members have more than realized their initial investment.  Without that initial support FCC-SoCal may not be where it is today.

In years past, the reliable influx of new adoptive families into our membership offset the expense of carrying Lifetime members that had “broken even” (those who had been Lifetime members for more than seven years).  The tremendous slowdown in China adoptions during the past few years has resulted in far fewer new families joining FCC-SoCal; thus, there are no offsetting revenues to cover the expenses of a growing number of long-term Lifetime members who continue to receive the full benefits of membership.

We recognize that these are challenging economic times for many families; they are also challenging times for nonprofits.  We are inviting Lifetime members who are able, particularly those who have been members for more than seven years (joining before 2002), to contribute again on an annual basis.  Your donations will help to cover costs directly associated with your member benefits, such as the publication and mailing of a new directory and other FCC publications, as well as insurance premiums, program subsidies and other costs.

FCC-SoCal is grateful for the vital and generous support that you have already provided and remains hopeful that you will wish to continue to contribute financially to sustain the organization in the years to come.

In appreciation,

The FCC-SoCal Board of Directors